Helping Design Products & Scale Design Teams
Available in 2019
Design is often the arch between the founder’s vision and the customer’s reality. Success lies in a combination of human values, including desirability and usability, business viability and technology feasibility. Design innovation, aka the Unfair Design Advantage, lies in the sweet spot between these complementary and sometimes competing priorities. User experience represents the best balance and integration of these factors.

We believe to get to the fringe and touch the customers and users on the edges you have to have brilliantly designed products and services.

We were the original partners in the first iteration of the Designer Fund, which specializes in helping to design products and scale design teams through their professional development programs called Bridge and Designer Founder Guild. Their community includes exceptional designer founders and design leaders from leading tech companies around the world. We are continuing to build on this theme and provide our portfolio companies access through our partnership with the Designer Fund, as well as our staff design team.